Hard to believe the month is over already and March is beginning. The sun is making more frequent appearances, daffodils are blooming, and baby lambs are in the fields. Frolicking lambs are pretty much the cutest beings ever. I nearly drive off the road when I see them hopping around.

I was treated to a few other baby critters at work today. I was lucky enough to get to “help” with a few puppies today. The puppies were getting adopted one by one and since the copy machine in the lobby is broken, the kennel folks had to come back to the offices to get copies of medical records before sending them home.

Since it can be hard to make copies with a puppy in ones arms, I offered to help by holding the puppy. It was tough work but I managed for the sake of my coworkers.

Becca the puppy went home today!

Then I got treated to even more baby cuteness when two baby bunnies came in.

They’re on their way to foster care until they’re big enough to spay/neuter. Can’t wait to see them again!