Today is Spay Day USA! Officially celebrated the last Tuesday of February, this event brings attention to the need to spay and neuter pets to reduce overpopulation.

Now that we have a spay/neuter clinic it is great to begin this year being able to celebrate Spay Day five days a week all year long!

For our first Spay Day USA event we were able to offer the Tom & Mon Cat Special which allowed people receiving government assistance to have their female cats spayed for $20 and males for $10. This sepcial was funded by a grant that subsidized 217 surgeries at these prices. In less than two weeks all of the available appointments for this special had been booked!

It is always nice to fix cats before the breeding season begins to help prevent oops litters. I wish we could wave a magic wand and double our capacity to fix all the cats on our appointment books now so they don’t have to wait weeks.

But even as it is, we have fixed over 350 cats so far in our clinic, which will certainly help as this kitten season approaches.