This week we get to dog sit my parents’ dog Alice. Alice was my foster dog for about a year when she was an undersocialized puppy. Now Alice is about 6 years old and a happy dog when she’s in familiar surroundings. When I take her to work with me, she stays in her crate and won’t emerge until it’s time to go home. But at home she’s a playful girl who has lots of interesting quirks.

One of Alice’s quirks is the strange positions she will end up in. I constantly wonder how she can be comfortable…

Last time I visited the coast to see the parents, Alice demonstrated her couch sitting technique.

I wonder if she has a spine

Another common view is the Frog-Legged Alice, demonstrated here just this evening…

Pretty sure she doesn't have hips either

And yesterday Alice showed me a new one – the Couch Perch.

I was watching a movie and she hung out above me, snoring with her eyes open.

Just to prove that sleeping isn’t all she does (even though she’s snoring next to me at the moment)…

Alice can be pretty hard on toys but loves things that squeak. It can be hard to find things that she doesn’t instantly destroy. She can puncture a tennis ball in less that 10 seconds.

The Wubba she played with today held up really well and even retains its ability to squeak after Alice’s play session. Wubbas, another treasure from Davenport’s Den. Alice may need one of her very own… and they come in different colors. I might have to shop tomorrow!