It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Davenport’s Day, time to check out our store to see what fun things my pets *must* have.

I took Julio to work with me today and had him help choose goodies. I wanted to get him a yummy chewy to hopefully help keep him entertained and quiet. (My backup plan of putting him in the car today was thwarted by the sun making a surprising but cheerful appearance.) Julio got his pick from our many baskets of yummies and chose this.

I couldn’t resist getting him a toy too, so he now has a chirping chicken cat toy. He wasn’t too interested in it, but I figured he’d like it better at home where he can steal it from the cats. In his opinion, something is always better if it’s taken from someone else.

When we got home though Dante was the one who desperately wanted the chicken.

"Please, please, please can I have it??"

Eventually Cecilia noticed that the toy was here and came over to investigate.

By the way, this particular toy has a very sensitive sensor that starts the chirping. I got to listen to the “peep peeps” pretty much the whole drive home. Next time I may wait to take out the battery tab until I get home.

The most exciting thing I bought at Davenport’s today was better than any treat or toy. It’s a chance to spend time with, bond with and train Julio :P I signed us up for one of our shelter’s training classes – Dog 101. Several other staff have signed up their little dogs so we’ll have a pack of tiny dogs running amok in class – I can’t wait!

Our trainer Annie is amazing, but I haven’t taken her class before so this will be great. Our first day of class is Monday. Hopefully Julio doesn’t end up with a dunce cap!