Thanks from us to everyone who has been so nice in sending happy thoughts for our Romeo. We appreciate all the good wishes.

When he got home, Romeo was greeted by most of his four legged housemates. Cecilia the cat greeted him by winding around his legs, rubbing up against him after he came inside. (She was most likely visiting to see Trent and me, but since we were with Romeo, she said hi to him too.)

Dante was cautious when approaching Romeo and could obviously tell something was weird. Romeo didn’t want Dante to come near, so they kept their distance.

Julio initially jumped on Romeo like he normally does and Romeo was fine with that. Then Julio figured out something was strange and has given Romeo a wide berth the rest of the evening. Once we were all hanging out in the bedroom, Julio had a very hard time settling. For a while he curled up in a tiny ball at the foot of the bed, looking completely pathetic.

Eventually he wedged himself in the pillows between Trent and me.

June the kitty spent a while kneading on the bed next to Romeo while he slept.

She-Ra was the one who surprised me most. While we were all lounging in bed, She-Ra was in her traditional spot on Trent’s chest, making it hard for him to type on his computer. After a bit, she wandered down and cuddled Romeo, eventually settling on him for a nap.

Then I guess she decided he needed tending…

Now hopefully everyone sleeps through the night. We’ll see what they all think of each other in the morning.