Romeo has been much more alert today and seems to feel much better.

Yesterday evening he finally ate again and didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to go out. Success! So really he only skipped breakfast yesterday, but his complete patheticness from Thursday evening thorough Friday evening made it seem worse.

We got more meds from OSU yesterday – Metronidazole (antibiotic), Famotidine (antacid), and Sucralfate (anti-ulcer). By the time Trent got home with the meds, it seemed like Romeo was starting to think about perking up. So we just started the Metronidazole as originally planned.

We’ll talk with the oncologist to see if we should start him on everything for his next chemo treatment. I’ll definitely make sure to have chicken and rice ready for next time.

Today Romeo discovered that he is currently allowed on-demand feeding. We need to increase his food a bit since he is a little scrawny. Plus, since he didn’t eat anything for 24 hours, he’s catching up. So around noon when he got up, ambled into the laundry room and nudged his bowl with his nose, I fed him. The look on his face was pretty cute – kind of “Wow. That worked? That never works.”

Romeo has been up and around a lot and has moved from room to room with us. At one point he decided to settle in on one of the many beds in our room, unconcerned about the cat already settled there. What was truly amazing was that the cat was also unconcerned as an awkward 130 pound dog maneuvered around him. But anyone who knows our cat Nugget, wouldn’t be surprised by this. Nugget doesn’t really live in the same world the rest of us do and has different priorities and worries. Fear of bodily harm isn’t on his list of worries.

Not sure how Nugget survived