A few weeks ago we finally set up our air conditioner (Thanks again, Kerry!). It has been relatively warm (for Oregon) this summer, but we just hadn’t bothered setting it up until Romeo began having a harder time. We didn’t want him to be uncomfortable because of the heat if he didn’t have to be. The hand-me-down window AC only fits in one window – in our dining room. It’s actually pretty convenient since it’s in the middle of the house and can help keep everything cool.

Just having the AC set up wasn’t enough though. To make Romeo even more comfortable (not to mention Trent who would prefer sleeping in an ice cave) we moved our bed again and are now sleeping in the dining room. It’s not like we actually even eat in there – why would we when we have a perfectly good kitchen to stand up in?

So we moved the mattress (no box spring since that was now too tall for Romeo) and added a row of dog beds so there would be plenty of room for everyone. Here’s a diagram: (Oh, everyone has a couch in their dining room, right? Especially a couch for the dogs so they can look out the big window.)

We were having pretty good luck keeping Romeo on the dog beds at night. Usually once he was settled, he wouldn’t move too much. Last night, however, at bedtime Romeo was on our bed, but there was plenty of room for everyone so we let him stay. (I am sure there were cats and a Julio in the bed too, I just couldn’t remember exactly where they were.)

Everything seemed like it was going to be fine. But when we woke up…

…somehow Romeo had taken over the bed. My stick figures don’t do it justice. Trent was actually contorted around Romeo and barely on the bed. I am the one partway on the dog beds. What the diagram doesn’t show is that the dog beds are a bit lower than the mattress and I had tried to even out the levels with extra pillows.

All in all, it was not a very restful or comfortable night. Although Romeo didn’t complain.