Since we’re working on Romeo’s bucket list, we figured it was time to try a fun sprinkler. It’s summertime, it’s hot out and Romeo loves the hose. So I stopped by the store yesterday and Rite Aid had this wonderful contraption on clearance.

Here is the big guy contemplating it…

We started with the octopus in the middle of the yard away from Romeo’s bed to see what it would do. When we turned the hose on, Dante and Julio moved far away but Romeo sat up on his bed and tried to grab at the few sprays of water that made it over to him.

After a minute or so, we moved the octopus next to him and let the sprinkling begin.

If Romeo had had more energy, the octopus would very soon have been an amputee too. Over the years, we have had to replace several garden hoses, so I’m sure a few tentacles wouldn’t have given him too much trouble.