Romeo is on a food journey and enjoying it quite thoroughly. He has already had hot dogs, canned dog food and Carl’s Jr. McDonald’s was next on the list, so Trent and I picked up a 50 piece order of McNuggets this evening.

Trent is a vegetarian and I am grossed out by McDonald’s McNuggets so neither of us was tempted to eat any on the way home. Of course when we got home I did count them, and we actually got 51 pieces of fried meat product.

Dante scored the 51st McNugget since we couldn’t completely leave him out. He enjoyed getting his evening meds in it. I felt a little bad only giving him one, but a dog who is on a diet doesn’t need more than one McNugget.

I went to get my camera set up for Trent so we could document how this experiment went. I was especially curious to see how long it would take Romeo to eat all of them.

By the time I made it back to the kitchen our cat Nugget had stolen one McNugget and was eating it on the kitchen floor. Julio proceeded to steal the remaining bits from Nugget.

This left Romeo with a plate of 49 McNuggets to try. Here is how things went.

So even though kibble is no longer interesting, in 3 minutes and 3 seconds, Romeo could polish off a plate of 47 McNuggets (51 minus the 1 for Dante-the-Good, 1 Nugget stole and 2 Julio helped himself to). Not bad for not even getting up.

(At 3:14, Trent and I lose it when Romeo burps, I assume to make room for the last few.)