Romeo has no need for lowly dog kibble any longer. He knows that all he has to do is turn his head away from an offered bowl and it will be removed and replaced with something extra yummy.

Today we have discovered that plus equals a very happy Romeo. For lunch today he ate an entire can of canned food mixed with some kibble. Dinner was more canned food and kibble plus three hot dogs, served whole. Amazing how a lethargic dog turns into a focused beggar when hot dogs appear.

Tomorrow’s menu will include ground beef and more hot dogs. Oh, and the peanut butter may make an appearance as well.

In other news, Dante-the-Good got an outing of his own today. Since cancer-dog apparently can’t have all of our attention, Dante started having seizures a month ago. Lots of very big seizures. After starting on meds, he hasn’t had anymore issues which is great.

Today was Dante’s recheck appointment so we got to spend a little time in Corvallis which is always nice. We hung out at Riverfront Park for about half an hour enjoying the beautiful day.

Dante got a thumbs up from the vet and we’re set to check back in another month to see how he’s doing. All right, seizure-dog is ok for now, back to cancer-dog…

I’m not sure exactly what he did, but starting yesterday evening, Romeo has had a bit more trouble with one of his back legs. I suspect in his flailing around to get upright or during his ungraceful, stumbling hop-walk, he tweaked something and is a bit sore. He can still get up and around but is a bit more reluctant.

His right leg (which is on the left in the pic below) is just a tiny bit swollen but doesn’t seem tender to the touch. As long as he can still make it outside for a few potty visits a day, we’re good.

Here is Romeo with his personal assistant who cares for all his grooming needs. Julio demonstrates his eye cleaning skills.

Yes, it’s 90 degrees here. Romeo likes to lay in the path of the air conditioner so he can be cool enough to still be covered with a blanket.